Factory closeouts

We are proudly offer final chances to buy our exclusive quality furniture items well below the market value upto 78% off .These merchandise are still been sold in online retail giants 200 times mark up price . Prices are low because these are Factory close out items and periodically updated every 2 months . we are sorry we may not have complete sets and will sold only  in individual pieces . If you insist and willing to pay additional UPS cost ,we may be able to locate  and  bring any  complimentary pieces you want to add  to your purchase , if it is available at the time  from our other factory warehouses in Atlanta ,Chicago, Houston ,or California. Florida is the exit point of sale to all South America , so an unexpected order of 10 or more items can be  pulled out and eliminate the stock at any time in Florida Factory warehouse , is a possibility, 100% of your purchase price will be returned if merchandise is sold before we act.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.